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These Hidden 'Fortnite' Challenges Will Help You Level Up Faster



Season 7 has officially hitFortnite,which means players are looking to level up as quickly as possible to earn the new outfits and swag available this season.

For anyone who makes it to Level 100, you're looking at an exclusive Rick Sanchez outfit, courtesy of the game's recent crossover withRick and Morty.The outfit will only be available this season, meaning you'll have to start grinding now if you want to earn it. So how do youlevel upfast inFortnite?

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Completing challenges is a key way to level up quickly.

Every week, there are new challenges introduced to the season for players to complete. These weekly challenges are an easy way to level up quickly, because they offer a large number of XP per challenge.

There are the weekly Epic challenges, which each grant 24,000 XP when completed, as well as the weekly Legendary challenges. While the Epic challenges are typically easy to complete, the Legendary challenges take a bit longer.

Rick Sanchez outfit in 'Fortnite'
Source: Epic Games
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Luckily, you can partner with other players to complete these challenges. If you play in a party of friends, the progress made in challenges is shared among the party — meaning the multi-step Legendary challenges will go by faster if you work through them with friends.

Legendary challenges offer 45,000 XP for each one completed, meaning while they might take a bit of grinding, they're definitely worth it if you're looking to level up all of the way.

There are also hidden Milestone challenges in 'Fortnite.'

While there are the weekly Epic and Legendary challenges that drop in-game every Thursday, there are also a series of hidden challenges, or "Milestones," you can work through to level up even faster.

There isn't one place that lists all of these hidden challenges, unfortunately, until you begin making progress on them. Once you complete an action that advances the Milestone, then you'll know what else you need to do to complete it.

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These Milestones can be anything from eating certain items to chopping down trees to hunting animals. They tend to be the same between seasons, so if you've previously unlocked certain Milestones, try them again in this new season to see if they've rolled over to Season 7.

These will probably be unlocked regardless as you continue to play, so when in doubt just continue playing and check often to see what kind of progress you're making.

Of course, really the only way to level up inFortniteis to continue playing, so you'll have to spend a good number of hours in matches before you'll be able to reach Level 100. The higher you rank in matches, the more XP you earn for each match — and the more you play, the easier it'll become to rank in those matches.

Really, playing the game is the best way to level up, so be sure to check in often and battle with your friends if you're looking to finish the season on a high note.

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